Urban Uplander Team

Here are the people who make up Urban Uplander!

Melinda Benbow


Melinda is the heart, soul, and face of the Urban Uplander. She was worked with animals professionally for about ten years with training and experience in positive reinforcement training, animal behavior, pet safety, and pet health. Melinda's passion is working with pets and pet parents to help them reach their full potential. The combination of skills, ambition and professional experience makes her Indy's #1 Pet Care Provider!

Kyle Benbow


Kyle is Melinda's husband and business partner. They have been together since March of 2013, getting married in August of 2019. Kyle has a background in Clinical Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis, which provided him with knowledge and experience in behavioral changes through reinforcement. His love for pets, coupled with his education makes him a necessary part of Urban Uplander!

Emmitt Blomberg

Pet Sitter

Emmitt is the newest shining face of Urban Uplander! Emmitt was hired in May of 2021 as our new full-time Pet Sitter. Emmitt has a history of working with animals. He has spent his whole life around pets and has previously worked for BloomingPaws and volunteered at the Wild Care Rehab Center, both located in Bloomington. Currently, Emmitt is getting certified in Animal Grooming with plans to get more credentials in the pet care industry. He will also be beneficial with his background in graphic design and advertising. Emmitt is thrilled to start his new life in Indy and be a part of the Urban Uplander pack!

Our Pets!

Here is a collection of the team's fur kids! 

Sir McFluff'n Stuff

Sir McFluff'n Stuff (Fluff for short) came to us back in early 2013. He has been the eldest and ''leader of the pack" since then. Fluff has a radiant personality, as he loves getting attention from people and playing with his canine friends. 


The newest member of our family is Broomhilda! Broomhilda (Hilda for short) came to us in July of 2019. She has been a fantastic addition to the pack. Her playful puppy energy welcomes in all the pups who come over for daycare and boarding! She also serves as a great running partner. 


Tay Tay was welcomed to the family in 2015. Tay Tay is our "little dog specialist" as she loves being able to run around and chase the dogs that are her size. Her absolute favorite thing to do is curl up on the warm lap of the closest human. Tay Tay typically sports a hot pink tail, but she has been known to switch it up from time to time.

Shotgun Suge

Suge came into our family in August 2020. She is a Ryman Type English Setter. Melinda had been waiting for the opportunity to train and hunt with a dog of her very own, and Suge is that dog! Suge is the best thing that came from 2020!

Rum Nitty

This is Nitty the Kitty. She and her brothers came to us in the spring of 2020 as orphans around 3 weeks of age. After they became big and strong her brothers found a home together and she stayed here with us and the rest of the Urban Uplander Pack!


Nihili was literally found on our doorstep in 2017. She is a great cat who is fantastic to have around as she gets along with EVERY dog that comes over. Nihili is excellent around all dogs serving as a "cat training" specialist, helping socialize new dogs to cats. She is the perfect balance in a house that is typically filled with canines!

Mochi and Tofu

Mochi (grey) and Tofu (tabby) are Nitty's biological brothers. Emmitt adopted the two kittens after Kyle and Melinda found all three as baby kittens. They are inseparable and spend their days wrestling and getting into trouble.


Herbie is a hedgehog with quite a spikey personality! His favorite things to do is run on his wheel and lick anything that has a smell

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