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The Next Generation Dog Podcast

A collaborative series hosted by Urban Uplander Pet Care and Sanguine Moon Kennels. Tune in as host Melinda and Bethany  talk about training, breeds, vet care, dogs sports, and all things dedicated to dogs!. 

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Woodstock Litter Pupdate

Episode 17

Welcome to this week's episode of the Next Generation Dog Podcast! In this episode, we're excited to bring you updates on the Sanguine Moon Woodstock litter puppies' journey to their new forever homes. We'll cover all the details of their going home process, from the tearful goodbyes, where they live now, their new names, and other fun and exciting updates about their lives. We'll review who stayed local and what we have been doing with those pups. You'll hear about the adventures they've already had, the tricks they've learned, and the love they've brought to their new homes.

Introduction to Ruff Land Performance Kennels

Episode 16

Welcome to this episode of our podcast, where we are excited to introduce you to Ruff Land Kennels, the premier provider of high-quality dog crates for pet owners and professionals alike. In this episode, we are joined by the CEO of Ruff Land Kennels, Alisa Turner, who will share with us the many benefits of using a crate for your furry friends. 

Introduction to UT Prep and UT Test

Episode 15

In this episode, Kat from Standing Stone Kennels returns as Melinda and Bethany's special guest to field questions about the UT prep and UT prep test! Check out this episode to learn more about the UT prep and test within the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association Testing System.

In-Depth Tracking Phase of the NAVHDA NA Test

Episode 14

In this episode, we pick back up with Kat from @StandingStoneKennels to discuss the NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) NA Test's tracking portion more in-depth. Kat gives Melinda and Bethany some pointers on how to set your dog up for success when training for tracking! Check out this episode to learn more about preparing for the NA TRACKING PHASE.

Introduction to the NAVHDA and the NA Test

Episode 13

In this episode, Kat from @StandingStoneKennels joins Melinda and Bethany to talk about the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association and their puppy test, the natural ability test, also known as NA test. If you have been looking into breaking into upland sports, this is a wonderful organization and test to get you and your pup started. Check out this episode to learn more about the organization and the testing system!

Introduction to AKC Trick Dog

Episode 16

Last week's guest, Selena Johnson, counties her conversation with Melinda and Bethany about training titles by teaching them more about AKC Trick Dog. Continue to listen to this episode to learn more about this title that provides continuous bonding moments for you and your dog.

Introduction to AKC Canine Good Citizen

Episode 11

In this episode, Melinda and Bethany's special guest, Selena CPDT-KA FDM of Phenomenal Canine Dog Training, gives them an overview of the Canine Good Citizen test from an evaluator's perspective. Listen in as they learn about the different levels, evaluation criteria, and more!

Breed Breakdown: The Standard Poodle

Episode 10

Melinda and Bethany welcome their first guest, Bonnie Winings of Crystal Creek Poodles, to break down the amazing and sometimes underestimated breed, the Standard Poodle. Tune in as Bonnie uses her knowledge as an ethical breeder to share information about the breed standard, coloration, origin, purpose, health, and more!

2023 Training Goals

Episode 9

Listen as Melinda and Bethany chat about their training objectives for 2023. This was recorded back in November, so it will be fun to see where training has progressed since the recording session.

Whelping Recap: Sanguine Moon's First Litter

Episode 8

All of Bethany's hard work has paid off, and she has whelped her foundation litter of the Sanguine Moon Kennel's Breeding Program! Listen to this episode as Bethany and Melinda recap the whelping experience of Stitch's first litter. It was a very healthy and smooth whelping, but even though Bethany is highly experienced in birthing, this was Melinda's first time witnessing the process. They are excited to share the journey with you!

Meet Bethany Carter and Sanguine Moon Kennel Part 2

Episode 7

This episode continues with our conversation about Bethany's growing passion for photography and the hard work she has put into creating a foundation for her German Shorthair breeding program and the journey toward her first litter.

Meet Bethany Carter and Sanguine Moon Kennel Part 1

Episode 6

The Urban Uplander Podcast is back, and along with a new year, we have a new name and team member! Melinda Benbow of Urban Uplander is excited to be back with her bestie Bethany Carter as co-host of what is now the Next Generation Dog Podcast. Enjoy this episode as Bethany tells us about herself and her background in pet care. Listen as Bethany shares her start as a vet tech, her adventures of beginning breeding, and her love for German Shorthaired Pointers. 

Introduction to the Sport of Dock Diving

Episode 5

On this episode of the Urban Uplander Podcast, we sit down with our special guest Alisha Tomac, leader of the Tomac Pack, to discuss the wonderful dog sport of Dock Diving. Join in as Lisha provides us with more insight about her and the Tomac Pack, along with a breakdown of what Dock Diving is, how to participate, how to begin training, and much more.

Urban Uplander's Guidelines and Policies

Episode 4

Urban Uplander runs by a particular standard to make sure we can give all of our clients the care they deserve! In this episode, we go over the guidelines and policies we have in place and why they are there. This episode is to further assist our clients in understanding our roles and responsibilities and may help other pet care providers create rules a regulations to run a pet care company.

Bringing Home a New Puppy

Episode 3

In this episode Kyle and I announce our newest English setter joining our family at the beginning of the year! This episode was recorded before bringing home Jasper the weekend on 1/7. Listen to this episode to learn about how we get our home and yard ready for the homecoming of a new puppy. We also discuss puppy essentials and how to make the trip home as comfortable as possible!

Red River Bird Dogs

Episode 2

In this episode, we sat down and caught up with Holly Hatfield of Red River Bird Dogs! Listen to learn more about Holly’s popular female Facebook group, Bitches with Dogs, and how it came to be! We also discuss how we came to meet and what we have done since then. Holly introduces us to her brand and the dogs that built the brand. We also made sure we wrap up with some field trial breakdowns since that is what Holly and her dogs truly love! Enjoy the episode, and please like and subscribe!

Meet Your Host and Urban Uplander

Episode 1

Welcome to The Urban Uplander Podcast! This is our premiere episode for this series, and what better way to get it started than by introducing the owners and operators of Urban Uplander! Watch or listen to this episode to learn about the journey, the pets, and what to expect in the future!

Additional Resources 

Extra resources regarding hunting, hunting with dogs, competing with dogs, pet care, and much  more!

Read more

Puppy Resources

Get everything you need to raise your precious puppy to be a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted dog. Get the best information for caring for your puppy, including reward-based training tips, feeding, and playing advice, and more.

New Puppy Dos and Don'ts

To help you on your adventure of being a puppy parent, use this short list of do’s and don’ts to determine how you should proceed.

Read Blog Here! 

Puppy Socialization Checklist

Socialization means learning to be part of society.  Socializing your puppy means helping them learn to be comfortable as a pet within human society. Society that includes many different types of people, environments, buildings, sights, noises, smells, animals, other dogs, and so much more.

Urban Uplander's Socialization Checklist

Puppy Booster Shots 

Puppies need their first vaccinations at six to eight weeks old. Whether you adopt a puppy or buy one, make sure you get any medical records. In their first year, fur-babies will need to visit the vet a few times for immunizations and regular booster shots.

Printable Puppy Booster Schedule

New Puppy Essentials 

Below we have provided a printable checklist of new puppy essentials! You can also click the additional link below to read our blog post about puppy essentials along with the items we purchased for your new pup!

Puppy Essentials Checklist
Puppy Essentials Blog Post

Pointing Breed Hunt Tests

Additional AKC approved Hunt Test Resources 


Learn more...

Pointing Breed Hunting tests are non-competitive pass/fail tests which assess each dog independently based attributes such as display of desire, boldness, independence, speed with a useful pattern of running across difficult or confusing scent patterns to pinpoint the location of birds. Other categories judges will score are; bird finding ability, pointing, trainability, and in Senior and Master tests – Retrieving and Honoring. The teamwork between dog and handler is essential...

Eligible Breeds

Learn more...

Brittanys, English Setters, German Shorthaired Pointers, German Wirehaired Pointers, Gordon Setters, Irish Red & White Setters, Irish Setters, Pointers, Spinone Italiano, Vizslas, Weimaraners, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, Wirehaired Vizsla, Bracco Italiano, Braque du Bourbonnais, Braque Francais, Pyrenean, Drentsche Patrijshond (Drent), French Spaniel, German Longhaired Pointer, Portuguese Pointer, Pudelpointer, Slovakian Wirehaired Pointer, Small Munsterlander, Pointer Stabyhoun


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This program was formulated due to the overwhelming success of the Retriever Hunting Test program. In 1986 Director of Field Trials and Hunting Tests, A. Hamilton (Ham) Rowan, Manager of Performance Events, John Carroll, and AKC Field Representative, Bob Bartel developed the plans for the fledgling Pointing Breed Hunting Test program. The regulations were approved on March 11, 1986 and clubs were encouraged to hold sanctioned Hunting Tests...

AKC Junior Hunter Test for Pointing Breeds

Pointing Breed Field Trials

Additional AKC approved Field Trial Resources


Learn more...

Athleticism. Stamina. Courage. An instinct to go, go, go. These qualities are the essence of the Pointing breed, and why they’re naturally superior hunters. As a dog owner, it’s important to consistently find new ways to stimulate your dog’s natural’s instincts. If you have a Pointing breed, training for and participating in a Pointing Field Trial (“competition”) is a perfect way to do it. Pointing breed field trials allow a dog to work in the field and be judged in a competitive setting covering a lot of open ground in a short time. These trials allow dogs to display qualities like their keen desire to hunt, their intelligence, ability to find game, style and courage...

Eligible Breeds

Learn more..

Brittanys, Pointers, English Setters, German Shorthaired Pointers, German Wirehaired Pointers, Gordon Setters, Irish Red & White Setters, Irish Setters, Spinone Italiano, Vizslas, Weimaraners, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, Wirehaired Vizsla 


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Field Trials in recorded history began in Britain in 1866. America’s first recorded field trial was held in 1874 near Memphis, Tenn. It was an event that started a trend that grows ever stronger. The winner of that first U.S. Field Trial was a solid black native Setter by the name of Knight, who was owned by H.C. Pritchard...

Additioal Clubs

Learn more about NAVHDA, NSTRA, and local Indiana performance clubs and origination.


Learn more...

The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) is a group of like-minded people with one thing in common: we all enjoy the thrill of hunting over a well trained versatile dog.


Learn more...

The National Shoot to Retrieve Association is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1978 by a group of dedicated bird hunters looking for a way to extend the upland bird season and provide service to its members. NSTRA Field Trials provide competition with others who enjoy bird dogs, in a sportsmanlike environment under hunting conditions.