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Shotgun Suge Related Blog Posts 

All of the blog posts that refer to Suge or her training.

Beirl's English Setters

We chose an amazing breeder for our future hunting companion! It took a lot of time and research to narrow down the perfect breed and the perfect breeder, and we couldn't be happier with our choice! This blog post will tell you all about Beirl's Ryman Type English Setters and the wonderful work they do!

Suge's Year 1 Expectations

The first 16 months is where most of the pup's learning will take place. We have high hopes for our new pup. Here they are!

Puppy Pickup Weekend Recap

Here you will find the recap of our trip from this weekend to Wisconsin to pick up our English Setter, Suge. This weekend I was able to bring to begin a new bond with our newest pack member and also strengthen bonds with pre-existing family members! It was an amazing weekend and I'm so thrilled to get to share it with you! A large part of this weekend was getting to merge my passion for dogs with my brother's passion for photography.